Sanitizing and Disinfection

Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Fully autonomous navigator (SLAM), intelligent human recognition, and obstacle avoidance. The spray will automatically stop when the robot recognizes human bodies nearby and resume the spraying in unmanned environments to prevent the disinfectant from being sprayed on human skin.

Unmanned operation, reduce staff infection risk and supports real-time management and monitoring. Remotely control the robot via a cloud-based management system, generate a disinfection log automatically, receive early warning of equipment failure, and report timely task progress.

Ultra-dry mist atomization with spray particle size less than 5µm easier to diffuse, 360-degree coverage.

18L super large capacity, meeting the needs of large area disinfection, no need to add disinfectant frequently.



A new disinfection robot has been equipped with UV-C LEDs to better fight Coronavirus.

Sanitizing and Disinfection

UV-C LED Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Efficient disinfection with double disinfection function and utilizing UV-C LED lamp disinfection and 5μm ultra-dry mist. 360-degree automatic disinfection effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

The UV-C LED lamp disinfection process is mercury-free and environmentally friendly. leaving no residue after disinfection, safe and clean.

Support multi-robot collaboration, Intelligent human recognition, and obstacle avoidance, auto-recharging, and autonomous navigation guided by default routines.

A cloud management system enables real-time online monitoring, sterilization early warnings, and timely task reporting that make management effective.

Hotel Room Service

Intelligent Hotel Service Robot

The Intelligent Hotel Service Robot combines elements of technology, simplicity, and fashion and is eye-catching for its cool and cute appearance. It redefines the concept of a “commercial service robot” by having its values truly realized in both commercial and service scenarios. It provides you with various services such as item delivery and pick up, an intelligent way leading and banquet reception, and has interactive functions including photo taking, automatic hospitality service, and voice interaction.

A new dual-screen design is provided, consisting of a 10.1-inch top touch screen and a 24-inch rear high-definition display. You can set event pictures, videos, and other files for cruising tasks to achieve better promotion effects.

Offers more than 20 voice options ranging from the cute voice of kids, attractive voices of men, and innocent voices of little girls to allow hotels to set the type they consider as proper.

Allow to set up reception points at the front desk or anywhere indoors to automatically identify human bodies and to attract customers and cruising route can be customized for the off-peak hours of delivery, with the rear large screen used as an advertising tool to achieve promotion effects.

Food and Tray Delivery

Smart Food Delivery Robot

The restaurant industry has been experiencing a labor shortage for a long time. The intelligent operation of the Smart Food Delivery Robot can carry out simple and repetitive tasks such as food delivery, which saves the tedious work of the waiter and the need for manpower. Moreover, contactless catering offers additional protection for guests during the pandemic. An anti-pollution enclosed cabin providing a fully enclosed design of trays ensures no contact with the outside and no pollution of food.The Smart Food Delivery Robot is equipped with extra-large, multi-layered trays with a large capacity, a single layer can support a weight of 15 kg. Integration of built-in multiple sensors allows the update of the optimal path in real time by sensing the static or dynamic obstacles in planned paths.The ultra-long battery life support runs continuously for 10-12 hours without interruption and returns to the charging station automatically after completing tasks.Installation is easy, voice-based interaction is supported, and diversified functions such as hospitality, entertainment enable restaurants to offer a better customer experience.

Greeting and Reception

Smart Reception Robot

The Smart Reception Robot offers a full range of intelligent commercial reception service robots. Improved interactive experience through features such as greetings, way leading, inquiry and communication, and cruising for service introduction, security patrol, promotion, and display.

It can move smoothly and swiftly while avoiding obstacles flexibly and accurately, and it communicates in human-like languages to shorten the distance between humans and machines.

The robot is equipped with a high-definition camera, which transmits images in real-time to backstage for synchronous monitoring and analysis during the patrol process. It can make real-time face comparisons to identify people with criminal records and send real-time warnings if such people are found.

Parcel and Mail Distribution

Intelligent Distribution Robot

Smart Delivery
Automatic delivery after placing orders on a WeChat mini program.

Intelligent Operations
– High-accuracy obstacle avoidance
– Automatic elevator taking
– Automatic phone calling
– Auto-recharge

Contactless service to ensure safety
Contactless throughout the processes from online shopping to automatic delivery
Easy operations and fast and direct delivery for customers

Small size but with large capacity
The robot has a 33 L cabin to carry loads up to 20 Kg.

Lovely appearance with customized color
Lovely and compact appearance design with optional colors

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